Greensburg, Pa. 1910

Greensburg is the county seat of Westmoreland Co.,PA, and in 1910 it was a center of the coal mining industry and a prospering little city. My husband's grandfather came to the area in the 1910's and went to work in a mine.
From the pages of the Greensburg Daily Tribune, Dec 7, 1910 (Greensburg, PA, USA)

Check out the story Latest Departure in Frisking Games. It involves two female con artists, a garter and an orange.

It was Christmas shopping season, and below is most of an ad for Keck's department store, one of several in town. There are very few stores left in the town now, there mostly at the malls at either end of town.

Here's an ad for the famous Gold Dust Twins cleaner.

An ad for Cuticura.

And ads for a menswear store and butter.

Girl Plans Long Jaunt is my favorite story in this paper.

H.S.Ackerman, The One Price Piano Store, was one of several piano stores in town. Unfortunately the other ads were incomplete.

Joseph Strouse The "Fair" Store.

What to do With Hats is actually about what to do with those pesky hatpins.

The Greensburg Steam Laundry will be happy to send around their wagon in a jiffy.

A few classifieds....I think Mr. Loughner wanted a housekeeper who'd work cheap.

There was an interesting story that started on page one, I wish I had page one. It's about attitudes towards Christmas shopping. There a small gap of a few sentences, the paper had crumbled away where it had been folded.

Here's the rest of the story.

And finally, a story about a big snowstorm.

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