Workmen needed in Texas-1870

A business man in New-York lately received the following report from one of his correspondents in Galveston, Texas: 1. We have no hatter in the city. 2. Ice is sold by only one man, who has, therefore, a monopoly. 3. We have only one gas company, which has put prices exceedingly high. 4. We have plenty of bones, but nobody who converts them into manurre. 5. There is neither a soap nor a candle-maker in the whole State. 6. There is no brick-maker, although we possess plenty of material, especially shells, sand and lime. 7. We. are in need of a broom-man. 8. There exists no shoe manufactory in the whole State. 9. We have neither wagon nor furniture manufacturers, and likewise no makers of musical instruments 10. In our harbor we need a dry-dock for the repairing of ships. 11. We possess no paper-mill. 12. Pray can you not assist us to get rid of so many wants? Send us useful men, skilled workmen from the North; we will return you with pleasure, for every honest workman, one dozen individuals of that swarm of carpet-baggers who devastate our country like grasshoppers, doing only ”harm and mischief."

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