Poisonous cosmetics, 1870

An 1870 article about poisonous cosmetics mentioned a pamphlet by a Dr. Lewis Sayre describing three cases of lead palsey caused by a product called Laird’s Bloom of Youth.
The board of health had a chemist analyze popular cosmetic products of the day to check for lead and other toxins.

I've listed names of many of these popular quaint sounding concoctions.

Hair tonics
For some unknown reason making hair tonic must have been big business in New Hampshire, as many of the following were concocted there. Only one of the following hair restorers was lead free.

Hoyt’s Hiawatha Hair Restorative
Pearson Co.’s Circassian Hair Rejuvenator
Ayer’s Hair Vigor
The Hair Restorer of America
Gray’s Celebrated Hair Restorative
Phalon’s Vitalia
Ring’s Vegetable Ambrosia
L. Knittel’s Indian Hair Tonique
Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer
Dr. Tebbett’s Physiological Hair Regenerator
Martha Washington’s Hair Restorative

Next we have "lotions or washes for the complexion". These were amazingly all free of lead and other injurious minerals.
Burnett’s Halliston
Phalon’s Paphian Lotion, or Floral Beautifier.
Enamel of America.
Email de Paris, de Jared
Balm of a Thousand Flowers
Dr. Bradford’s Enameline for the Complexion
Hagan’s Magnolia Balm.
Cascarilla de Jaracol de Persia
Bismuth Powder for Beautifying the Skin and Removing Freckles
And several companies made a Compound Chinese Tablet of Alabaster

On the other hand...
Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion....mercury
Snow-white Enamel for Whitening and Beautifying the Complexion...lead
Snow-white Oriental Cream....lead

I wonder what the moths were that Perry's lotion took care of?

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